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Killing the Smoke Monster by Mellow

Hey folks,

After rewatching Season 5 and LA X a smal theory occured to me.

This theory is about killing the smoke monster but first of, some other stuff (oh and excuse my crappy english, please):
When Jacob lived in the Cabin it was surrounded by those ashes wish (as LA X proved) keep out the Smoke Monster aka Flocke aka MiB. In "The Incident" Ilanna and her Ajira-sponsored-Jacob-fanclub visit the cabin the circle has been broken. I think either the Smoke Monster aka Flocke aka MiB broke it, using John's dead body back in the episode "Dead is Dead" or he asked Claire to do it while taking the shape of Christian. Why he'd ask Claire? Because maybe Smoke Monster aka Flocke aka MiB can't go pass these ashes even in human form. Oh and he needed someone to do it so he could get in there to kill Jacob. Who wasn't living there anymore. So much about that..

How to kill it
I think the only way to kill the Smoke Monster aka Flocke aka MiB is through explosions or/and those ashes that the cabin, the temple and Bram surrounded themselves with. Remember there is a volcano on the island? (This next line may be a spoiler as i don't know how the rules for Writer's dvd comments are) Darlton stated once that the volcano will be somewhat important in Lost. (Here you can read again) So what if the ash that is used frequently is ashe of that volcano? What if there isn't enough of it anymore to kill the monster? What if the the only way to kill the Smoke Monster aka Flocke aka MiB is the volcano to erupt? All that ash would probably hit it sooner or later and it would die. :D

What do you think?

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