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Ji Yeon is 42 by Newbie

The more I think about it, the more and more obvious it becomes to me that Jin and Sun's daughter, Ji Yeon, IS number 42. That is the significance of Jacob touching BOTH of them and for them only being able to conceive on the island. Consider also that a whole episode name was devoted to Ji Yeon, just as a whole episode name was devoted to Jughead, and it was obvious Jughead was going to figure quite heavily in the series later on.

In the event that it's not Ji Yeon, then it has to be Jin, because of the whole bloodline thing and the fact that Sun's maiden name isn't up there. But again, Jacob touched BOTH of them and they only represent one number...it becomes obvious what that could mean, right?

One other thing: Kate is 108. It only makes sense. She was touched by Jacob also, and she figures heavily into the show's mythology. That is all.

First time poster/theorizer. Please be gentle.

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