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I haven't written a theory since the start of the season but I have a few thoughts now.

It's starting to feel to me that the reason all of our Losties had severe personal problems in the beginning is because needs to find somebody who has the capability to get over them. I think what he tried to do is push them to the brink of insanity and then wants to prove to himself, and not just MIB that they can correct years of abuse and become good people. If it's true that somebody has to succeed Jacob in the end, I think the point of that is going to be that the person who has the capability to change who they are and defeat their own demons, is the person who is capable of succeeding Jacob.

I've got another thought as well, but let's run down the list here.

Sawyer has fallen off the wagon. His character came full circle and he's almost back to the "look out for myself" guy we knew from season 1. So I think, at least at this moment, that he's failing the test. Sayid never learned, he full out committed himself to being a murder last season. Jack I'm a little on the fense on. Everything he's ever done, faith or science, has backfired, so I really think he's just thrown his hands up, but he may be trending back towards Season 1 Jack, which wouldn't be good for him.

The weird part is that it would seem that he would be the one to take over for Jacob, however, the person who seems to have grown the most, to have become a leader, to become confident, is Hurley? Yeah I kind of think it's weird too, but the man has grown quite a lot, and he's the only guy we know remembers seeing Jacob without having murdered him.

Kate, Jin, Sun, etc, there's no way they're taking over for Jacob. Just no.

BUT!!! There are a few outside options. Aaron anybody? Who knows what he's supposed to do but there has to be something there. And let us not forget Locke himself. I know he's dead, but I just still can not believe that we won't see a living Locke again. I could be waaaaay wrong, but,,,

So the other thing of note, to completely change the subject, was that I grew suspicious of the whole cave scenerio when MIB crossed Locke's name off the ceiling. Why would he cross it off if it was Jacob's cave? :-) I think it was his cave, and his list.

I think Jacob's list would be more defined with a smaller number of names of just the people he touched, but MIB's list would need to include a lot of names because he wouldn't know who exactly Jacob was after. MIB would have to test everybody in order to hedge his bets.

I do think Richard was right when he said MIB wanted to kill them all, meaning the candidates, buuuut that doesn't necessarily make him bad. Hiroshima after all was a terrible act, although necessary to end the most destructive war in the history of the Earth.

Conversely I found it awfully suspicious that Richard himself had never been told by Jacob what the hell was really going on. JACOB NEVER TOLD RICHARD ANYTHING?! Really? That makes me highly suspicios of Jacob to say the least.

I'm actually going to stick with a thought I'd posted sometime back that the Jacob/MIB relationship is akin to the Myst brothers. Both of them are bad, or rather, either one by themselves is bad. Perhaps both working together balances out their competing philosophies, but should either win, the scales are tipped (as we saw litterally) and chaos breaks loose.

Think politics. The reason people gets so heated about them is that people who understand them are scared of extremes. We want a balance. Too much conservatism equals Anarcy, but too much Liberalism equal totalitarian control. Where the balance rests however is what political debates are all about and I think that's where this show is headed.

MIB essentially killed Jacob because he was tired of holding the scale in balance, and that's bad. That's why both he and Jacob need to be replaced just like many of our own politicians. We need to have two people willing to carry on the balance and not simply fight for everything they want to hell with everybody else, like a union boss.

If Jacob was actually seeking to replace them both, then that makes him good. If he was seeking to continue to hold MIB in complete check, then that's as bad as MIB trying to kill him, IMO. We'll just have to see what Jacob's motivations really are.

Oh and one last idea on the numbers. I think I know why it is that Dharma had possession of them. I mean really, even if Jacob or MIB wrote them on that wall, how in the world would Dharma know anything about them?

You see Jacob assigned a number to each candidate, or if MIB wrote them in that cave then he did. What happened was, that Jacob had already selected who was destined to take his place or otherwise complete the end game of Lost. They became special. Consequently the numbers, and only the numbers assigned to the truly special became empowered with the same essence of destiny. The special people's end goal will in some way relate to the island's unique powers, ala the Swan, and so the numbers via that connection, transferred themselves to the island itself. Thus Dharma was able to find them by some means. Thus they were able to be broadcasted, etc.


Use your imagination on that one a bit, but you can see where I'm going. There has to be a connection there somewhere, because Dharma didn't go into (MIB's?) cave and pull the numbers off the wall. I really that works.

By the way, the Cave Numbers might be the coolest thing I've ever seen in this show.

Catch you guys later!

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