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Jacob's Detour by Jhisc9999

In order for the two timelines to have any meaning, they must crossover so that a coordinated effort can take place (what that will be, who knows). Our Losties could start flashing consciousnesses (like Desmond in The Constant) between the realities. This would at least provide a means to communicate. I posted this in my Crazy Two Timelines Theory last year. We all assumed that Jacob touched our Losties to bring them to the island. But I think he met and touched them because he is their constant enabling them to crossover without the nose bleed side effects.

What if Sayid, who just came back to life, is now Sayid from the other timeline? He would be the first crossover which seems to have something to do with death or a near death experience. Juliet crossed over briefly when she was dying. But Jacob never touched her and she could not sustain the crossover.

Death is a gateway and Jacob has created a detour.

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