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Jacob, Smoke, and You by far_sharper

Ok so after watching the S6 Episodes again I have been thinking about an important part of our "Lost Puzzle" that we are all trying to solve before the writers do. I'll start with a few of my assumptions. I agree with the theory that our Lost experience is just a crazy game being played by Jacob, MIB, Mr. Widmore, and that Hawking lady, Backgammon or whatever. Fake Locke or the Man in Black or Jacob's nemesis or whatever you want to call him can "apparate" between entities. We see this when Fake Locke turns into Smokey, kills people, then says "I'm sorry you had to see me like that" (loosely quoted).

I'm going to hit a quick tangent here, bare with me... way back when Ben took Locke to "see Jacob" in his cabin surrounded by ash we only got glimpses of a man sitting in a chair. They resembled an older figure similar to Christian or Locke himself. This prompts a few new questions now that we know who Jacob is. Why is Jacob sitting in an old shack by himself? Why is he invisible to Ben? Why does the cabin go into chaos when the flashlight is turned on? I'm going to be bold and say that we didn't see Jacob in the cabin. We saw his nemesis MIB (Man in Black, I am assuming this is the terminology around here). MIB was either in his true form or as Christian that night in the Cabin. The desperate raspy voice begging Locke to "help me" is a lot more suiting to MIB than to Jacob... Jacob doesn't ask or beg, he acts and leads by example.
Also, Jacob is what lies in the shadow's statue. That was his home, the only place on the island where we've actually seen him. And we know the he can leave the island whenever he wants, yet he never changes his appearance when he is off-island. This brings me to the flashlight chaos in the cabin. If Jacob has been traveling to the real world quite often, how could a simple flashlight cause him that much distress?

Back to my main theory. The people from the Ajira flight who are undoubtedly aligned with Jacob CLEARLY got the memo that the smokemonster doesn't like ash. Richard and Ben are (or were) clearly aligned with Jacob however they never used ash. As a matter of fact, they're never attacked by the smokemonster. I was trying to understand why Ben didn't put ash around their Dharma-hood they inherited. The sonic barrier is effective, no doubt but it poses a danger to humans. I guess that would just be too much ash to cover the entire Dharma-hood.
Ben and his Other's left the sonic fence on all the time for obvious reasons... but why is there a summoning rock in Ben's house to call in the smokemonster???

I think that there are two different smoke monsters on the island. One is the security system that was harassing the Losties a lot in the earlier seasons. This is the one that utilizes the small tunnels throughout the island and rips trees up etc. This smokemonster is passive-aggressive.
The second smoke monster is MIB using his ability to change forms. MIB has been in the form of the visions Locke, Jack, Shannon, and Claire saw earlier on... Mostly he's been Christian maybe Vincent, the smoke monster and then of course Locke. When Locke looked into Smokey early on, he saw something beautiful. MIB was showing Locke his purpose on the island, the destiny John forever sought.
I don't want to bring up Eko because he was killed off the show due to behind-the-scenes actor drama.

When Ben summons the smokemonster from his house, he is calling on the ancient security system. I am going to say that Jacob originally designed Smokey to protect the island and his people. This is why Ben and Richard go years on end without being attacked by Smokey. This can also answer why MIB cannot attack Ben or Richard or any of Jacob’s people.. since Smokey is a product of Jacob’s creation, MIB can imitate it’s form but not its function. MIB cannot change the rules Smokey was built with.
Now to discuss the scene where Ben goes to the temple to be judged. What happens in this scene now makes perfect sense. Ben goes in, Fake Locke is off camera. MIB as smokey appears and performs the usual tricks that every smokemonster can do. Obviously MIB is going to "spare Ben's life" because he needs Ben to kill Jacob.
I believe this is the same temple location where Russeau’s people were dragged and infected with a sickness. This temple must be MIB’s home. I think it’s safe to assume that MIB as Smokey dragged the French guys inside, killed them and then let the “claiming” begin. This follows suit for Claire when she follows MIB as Christian into the forest and she has returned as what looks to be “claimed” as well.
I definitely forgot a few of my Smoke Monster points after writing all of this, so feel free to chime in with the comments.

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