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Jacob Claimed Locke by Olly

Just a quick Theory wondering what you guys think of this, after watching the episode "What Kate does" they talk about Sayid dying and when he comes back to life he has been 'Claimed/infected', theres obviously something to do with dying and coming back to life with this whole 'Claimed' thing

My Theory is that when Locke gets pushed out of the window by his father and Jacob touches him, i believe that Jacob has brought Locke back to life and 'Claimed' him.

My Theory as to the loop hole is its obvious that the leader of the others can't demand an audience with Jacob, as Ben stated he asked Richard many times when can he meet Jacob and Richard always replied it'll be on Jacob's terms, for somebody to be walked straight up to Jacob "as though they are Moses" like Ben said, they would have to be pretty special, hence the Man in Black continuously fixing scenarios where Locke would display himself as special to Richard, for example walking into the others camp (sorry i forgot the time) and telling Richard to visit him at birth (the man in black caused this scenario by taking the form of Christian and telling Locke to move the island), by tricking Richard into thinking that Locke had been resurrected, and by asking Richard to give Locke the compass walking exactly to where Locke was in the Jungle.. plus many more things...

By the time Flocke demanded an audience with Jacob, Richard obviously wasnt happy about taking him there but after all these displays decided to allow it.

Now the way i see this all put together is that the Man in Black believes he's found his loop hole and can return home (i dont think his home is the temple i think thats too obvious, i think that theres something in the temple that the Man in Black needs before he can return home.)

Now i dont know what this whole claimed thing is about but if Locke is really claimed by Jacob i think it will result in The Man in Black returning home

thanks for reading looking forward to your thoughts....
:) olly

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