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Jacob and MIB are buddies! by StevieMars

While you would like to believe that LOST is the story of Black vs White or Good vs Evil... it's really a story of Gray vs Gray.

If Jacob was really concerned about MIB taking control of the island would he willingly let Ben kill him without a fight?

Whatever cursed them to be guardians probably made it impossible for them to kill themselves or each other, so the only way out of their suffering was to create a human chess game.

My belief is that the beach scene in Season 5 was set after hundreds of years and hundreds of human experiments. This is seen in the dialog as MIB begins to grow tired of all the experiments as he says "It always ends the same" but Jacob believes that each experiment is "progress".

Jacob and MIB are united as friends in an effort to escape the island. We have seen that they can both physically leave the island (Jacob visiting Losties, MIB as Christian on the freighter) but somehow their souls are tied to the island. Even in death Jacob is still tied to the island! Whatever Jacob says to Hurley in death is actually in an effort to help MIB and find both replacements. Once MIB and Jacob find replacements... they are FREE.

Jacob's last breath of "They're coming" refers to the candidates coming back to 2007. It isn't a warning to MIB but a sign of hope for his friend.

We also got hidden clues that Jacob and MIB are in fact united in freeing themselves from the island. When MIB went to the cave he talked about "Jacob had a thing for numbers". Now tell me... if they were indeed enemies, how would MIB know about the numbers plan at all?

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