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Okay so right off the bat im just going to say this. I believe that jack will be the next jacob or is most qualified or will just do something awesome because of the episode that Jack gets the tattoo in the flash back. The asian chick he has sex with tells him that she sees into people's souls and tattoos what they are truly on them some where. She tells Jack that he is a leader a very important leader and tattoos something that translates, according to one of "the others" in the same episode, something like he is among man but above man and he tells the lady who translates it that that is what it says not what it means. Im purely basing that off of my observation.

As for Jacob and Fake Locke.
Fake Lock is obviously both the smoke monster and the man in black from the beach. We know that he is the smoke monster based on two things. The episode where he kills the people who are with Ilana and the episode about specifically Locke and Fake Locke because he travels to "dharmaville" and you hear the noise that the smoke monster makes. Also you know he is the man in black because Jacob tells him that he has found his loop hole. on the beach he says i am going to find a loop hole blah blah.

but more to the point.
there are several clues that a friend of mine has pointed out to me. this is more of his theory im not sure if this has already been brought up or not. But my friend told me that jacob and the man in black is based off of the story of Jacob and Esau. He thinks that his name is Esau but i dont really think it is because of a video on hulu where they said its a weird word scramble. but thats besides the point the story makes sense to it all. Jacob and Esau is a story from the old testament. they are the twin sons of Isaac. Esau came out first and jacob came out holding on to Esau's ankle (hence that jacob lives in that statue's foot/ankle). Esau had the birth right of being known as the first born. Isaac favored him and Isaac's wife favored jacob. Esau was a hunter ( he is a smoke monster that kills things), whereas Jacob was more simple( Lost's jacob sits and makes cloth and cooks fish). The story goes that after a long unfruitful hunt esau comes back and is starving and jaco! b had made some stew while he was out and offered to give it to him as long as he would be given the birthright to be known as the first born. Esau agreed. in the scene on the beach jacob asks the man in black if he would like some of his fish thats he is making and the man in black tells him he is not hungry. not only does jacob recieve the birthright but also he decieves Isaac who was going blind into giving him his father's blessing. Jacobs mother told him to do so he didnt realy want to. also the birthright was essentially ruling over the other brother. so there may be infact be some form of a birthright in lost between jacob and the man in black. personally i think it is the ability to leave the island(becuase he wants to so badly and just decides to when jacob is dead) and or the ability to take command over the other brother (which would explain why either he couldnt kill him or why he would do things for the others because everyone takes orders from everyone.) thats! all i have to say for now.

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