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It Doesn’t Make Any Sense, Unless by AndLost

OK, now my brain really hurts. Consider everything we learned in episode 6.04 on the island: MIB was once like us, Jacob is looking for a candidate to protect the island, MIB is Flocke, the numbers represent 6 (or 7) people, Flocke is recruiting to help him in a battle, Jacob is now a child, MIB wants to leave o so badly from the island, Richard is scared out of his senses, MIB will kill all the Losties (according to Richard), Flocke sounds a lot like Locke when he is told he can’t do something, Flocke doesn’t turn into the Smoke Monster when he chases young Jacob and Jacob has two distinct residences and he can’t keep all the numbers in his omnipotent head.

Off the island, in what we are calling ALT, everything is freaking out of order, confused and the history that existed before the crash appears to have been re-written. Hurley is a confident business man, Locke apparently was not almost killed by his father (and maybe he simply donated his kidney to him and my guess is the kidney surgery caused his back problems and maybe the father is not a con man for that matter), Locke never lost his girlfriend, Ben, yes Ben is a teacher and Rose has cancer, but has accepted it rather than looking for a miracle cure. If you add the last few episodes of off island ALT revelations (including flight 815 traveling over the submerged island that apparently was not a 1,000 miles off course and where passengers used metal utensils instead of plastic) and it is safe to say that something very drastic occurred much prior to September 2004 that changed the course of history of the island and possibly to our characters.

So – when and why?

Let’s try to piece the sequences together based on what was shown to us about the island – the Dharma shark, the foot, the swing set and the cabins – all under water. We can assume, therefore, that the island submerged during Dharma time. Now let’s further consider that with Ben and Ethan off island, then they were either never on the island or were taken off the island as children, but in either case the key is they were off the island. Let’s also consider that if flight 815 never crashed, then none of the Losties or freighter people went back in time to create the incident, shoot Ben etc. Plus, there was never a purge as Ben was not there to purge. It is safe to assume that the Black Rockers, Richard and the Dharma crowd were all that could have possibly played a role.

Well here is the theory part - the Swan was never built, because the bomb never went off and it is the nuke that would have contained the underground energy source. The release of the island’s energy caused an implosion beneath that literally sucked the island underwater. In much the same way you let the air out of a balloon and let go, the balloon will go backward. The energy released caused the island to go downward and be submerged, killing all of Dharma, Black Rockers, and temple people and so on. And I believe we also have an explanation for why Jacob allowed the Dharma people on the island – to use them against MIB/Smoke Monster – remember the sonic fence and the relative weakness of the Smoke Monster to do any damage to Dharma. Dharma was exploiting the island, but Jacob brought Dharma to the island and he exploited Dharma – there could be no other explanation for Jacob’s indulgence.

Now here is the real brain teaser – did Jacob fail or did MIB interfere? Perhaps we will find out, but the fact remains that something went horribly wrong and the island was submerged. AND – for this reason, the ALT time line is actually the time line that exists in the time sequence where the island is seemingly destroyed by its submersion. It amounts to a prequel to the LOST season. The lives we see the Losties living now off island are the lives they live because they never made it to the island.

But why are their lives so different then the lives in the flash backs? Remember all the interconnections and coincidences we saw in all the flash backs during the 5 seasons. Clearly, in the time line where the island was not submerged, people, incidents, Jacob’s involvement, MIB’s involvement etc, etc had profound impacts on the Losties such that it drove them to be on the flight 815 that crashed. We may never learn all the those catalysts, but think back to just a few: Desmond, Lilly, Widmore, Jacob’s touch, Christian, Dharma etc, etc, all those seemingly random coincidents were all structured by Jacob and/or MIB. At this point I am no longer convinced that it is Jacob that brought 815 to the island – it could very well have been MIB so that he could finally be released as the submersion likely did not result in his release. The actions of each have caused a desperate loop and they are trying to end it.

So how does it end? One event must occur to ensure that the island survives the release of the energy that submerges the island. Remember Locke – we are not supposed to leave this island, it is our destiny and so on - someone planted the seeds to ensure that they all made it to the island and back to the island to go back in time to prevent the island from being submerged – and now to be pawns in a final battle.

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