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The Island Will Rise Again – with a new MIB and Protector

At the very end of the Season Six episode teaser we find Jack gazing into the puffy white clouds over the jet’s wing, sensing something just isn’t quite right - and he’s correct. The Incident created a dual timeline – or a sideways flash as Damon and Carlton call it – and we see the island sunk to the depths of the ocean (kept company, of course, by a Dharma shark). But was it the horrific explosion of the bomb that decimated the land of the lost or was it something much more severe . . . such as the loss of a new protector once Jacob was murdered by our resident evil, Ben Linus?

From episode four of this season, we see events unfolding to the final endgame, one in which will decide whom will replace the island’s faithful servant of centuries before even the Egyptians had influence over the land. The ultimate question as to the resurrection of the island will be answered in the final scene of the series.

I believe I know the answer (or can posit an educated guess at least) as to what that scene may be and who will rule the world of LOST for years to come.

We were led for years to believe that John Locke would be the caretaker of this paradise isle – or prison as the MIB calls it –but JL is recently dead and buried, his body stolen for recruitment of evil purposes like so many pod people in The Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Poor John who we knew oh so well is currently food for the worms where the other ‘candidates’ are alive and kickin’.

Will this knight in white armor be Jack, Sayid, Hurley, Sun or Jin (ruling together might be a novel idea, their love lasting for centuries rather than ending in divorce court as would have been the case before their island reprise).

Most of us believe Jack the HERO will be the best recruit with his ‘We have to go back Kate!’ attitude adjustment in Season Five and what will ultimately be revealed for our flash-sideways timeline.

But wait – what happens to the MIB? Will he perish in a final assault by Jacobs followers? My guess is yes . . . and with a need for balance in this palm tree haven (not heaven), whom do you think is best suited for anointment?

How about . . . James Ford – Kate’s former lover, rogue, and con artist?

Although we used to know Sawyer as a me-first person (and he has reverted back to that role with the death of Juliet and the abandonment of ever finding hope and love again in his life), I believe he will betray our MIB, kill him somehow, which leaves the island without ‘balance’ of black and white, good and evil, hope and damnation.

After watching ‘The Substitute’ the other night I finally had that epiphany about the final scene – and no, it won’t be Jack’s eye opening on island again with work to do or the poor doc’s eye closing on the plane after it passes over his dead ocean paradise.

The final scene will feature Jack as the new Protector of the land of the lost and James as the new MIB.

Remember when ODI asked Damon in a bookstore signed a few months back if we had already ‘witnessed’ LOST’s final scene and Lindelof replied that was an ‘interesting question’ and one he could confirm or deny? That’s because we HAVE seen the final scene – but not the incarnation that will take place on May 23, 2010.

As we first witnessed Jacob by the statue catching fish, eating and offering a bite to his smoky black friend, we will ultimately see Jack doing the same thing by catching a sea delight– but this time he will offer the red herring – or some other delicacy – to Sawyer.

Our dear Mr. Ford will glance over at the former physician, smirk and respond: “Do you know how much I want to kill you, Doc?”

After throwing a white stone into the surf, Jack will reply, “I know James, I know,” as once again the island will have balance of dark vs. light as we sense the penultimate battle will wage again for centuries to come . . .

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