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- The sideway timeline Is the original timeline -

How our losties ends up to the island according to season one pilot episodes.Its the question isnt it.Lets forget it for a while though.And try to figure out
the flashbacks.
Jacob is involded in some of those isnt he.We can say that at least these flashbacks arent the original ones because :

--- Jacob seems to know what comes next. Example: He reads and waits Jonh Locke to fall out of the window instead of give him a warning before or even save him
from that fate.He instead just wants-needs Jonh Locke alive he doesnt care if he is on weels as long as he is alive.
--- Jacob changed them .Changed their Fate.
- Gives a new pen to Sawyer and prevent him from a chance to forget as he might if he listen what his uncle says to him later.
- He advices Sun and Jin right after their wedding to stay together as this is gonna be something very important for them.He succeed again.
Sun has a last minute dilima ,finaly gives Jin one more chance, which is enough to followe him and end up on the 815 flight too.Originaly we cant assume yet what happended.
Maybe she never had that boyfriend or never learned english.
- Jacob doesnt say to katie that stealing is a bad thing .He gives the money and also presents a little show in that market saying
"you are not gonna steal anymore ,are you katie",
only because he wanted to be sure that the manager will hear him typicaly saying that and stop it right there.The leason for katie became:
" you can steal or also try to do other bad things ,if you make sure that someone else will pay for your actions and not you".
- He check on Jack and he says "It just needed a little push" Of course Jack didnt know what he was talking about ,But i am quite sure
that it was a reference to the Swan station.Jack let down JAcob on that .Maybe Jacob believed and focused that Jack would had believed and
pushed that buttom for some time . I wouldnt find strainge a senario in which Jacob gives Alpert the order to fake the Darma food drop at that time next to the Swan station to
succed a focus on that buttom.It is important for him for some reasons.
{ - Jacob finds Hurley and its more than easy to convice him to return to the island.
- Jacob saves Sayid and three years later he asks Ellana to bring him to the island on the 316 Adjira flight} .These two was more than a change FAte-Toutch these was Jacob's orders.

Finaly **** a Spoiler Helped on this,i wont write it but we all will find out later on Lost **** He saves Ellana for a good reason.
He says " i want you to help me Ellana ".
Its not the "Try to save my ash on that island ,he knows he has already lost that game".Its "Give Alpert a warning ,saw him John's Locke body ,
but listen carefully of this.Dont try to kill or point gun on that man who looks exactly like that dead body." Ellana meets that
man on the Hydra island and recognized him .She does not tries to kill him because she has Jacob's orders not to .And also later at seasons 6 premiere she does not
involves on Bram's plan to enter the statue-room and end up dead .
The conclusion is :Jacob for sure changed the fate of some of our Losties if not all.That Lost Fate is know revealed on the sideway timeline.
Sideway timeline is the original one, the first one .That timeline represents how all our losties should had end up if Jacob hadnt "touched" their Fate.

.Originaly Huerly wins the lottery (on different numbers).-Locke is paralizied but not
because he had a bad father.JAck looses his father but he has make peace with that ,it wasnt his fault.He never let him down on.A few losties that arent on the original flight wasnt supposed
to be there,they joined after Jacob messed up the original timeline.But here is the most important observation of all.The one lostie that manipulated by jacob's order and ended up to the 815 flight.
Claire.ITs strainge isnt it.Christian wants to meet her and he ends up dead,she originaly arrives L.A pregnant .Its a mystery here.And the sideback will revial it, i bet on this.

-Big mystery-
The 815 flight crash was caused because of a breaking radio.they were a thousand miles off corse and ended up to the island.Originaly though they flight right upon the sinked island.
But wait a minute.Frank was supposed to flight the 815.Its possible that the pilot replaced him on perpose.Remember Widmore orders tha airpost guys to do as he tells them to do.He is
powerful .Maybe the pilot replacement was a set.He ordered and organized the flight plane change.(Smokie kills that guy without second thoughts).But still where is sideflash-Frank .
Is he the co-pilot ? Is there something new about to been cooked on this sideflash timeline?This sideflash timeline, which has get rid of Jacob's influence and it looks likr the orginal one
,has it still a few differences compared to the really original one? I believe it has .And its actually a huge difference. Its eigher Jack or Locke of both.They are the difference or al least one of them.
If its Locke then he must have a lot of fath in Jack, hoping that he will fix him.If its Jack that knows then he must had took the "dont tell anyone" advice the whole time.

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