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Idea for perfect ending by Steven MYERZ West

After watching last week’s episode a friend of mine came up with a theory on how it may all end. It’s short and sweet but I think it would be a satisfying ending to lost.

This week we got the impression that F/Locke is trying to convince sawyer into taking his place as the smoke monster on the island. I think he’s doing this because in order to leave the island he needs someone to replace him as the smoke monster. I think this is why out favourite losties are CANDITATES.

They are there incase Smokey succeeds in killing Jacob. So that someone can take his place. I think the same applies to Smokey. There has to always be good/bad light/dark on the island in order to maintain balance.

If I’m right with this theory I think the last scene could be almost exactly the same as the one with Jacob and mib in the season 5 finale.
We'd have jack sitting on the beach by the statue or by the 815 wreckage looking out to sea. Then sawyer would walk over and sit next to him and a convosation similar to the one Jacob and mib had would follow. While in the distance we would see a ship/plane that they've brought to the island with a new group of people/candidates to eventually replace them as the good/evil light/dark on the island and the LOOP would start all over again.

I hope this kind of makes sense to you. I haven’t worked out how everything else fits into this but I’m just one man.lol

hope you enjoyed.
Let me know what you think.

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