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One thing that nobody has comented on reguarding candidates and why certan people aren't is the fact that the peopel left on that wall aside from sawyer and sayid haven't directly killed anyone. As this new season began and the first three episodes aired i kept feeling like i was missing somethign huge. The whole alternate timeline has a way of holding you rinterest. So after the substitute i started thinking about certan inconsistancies i noticed. There were two major areas i felt were being glassed over. Because of the coolness of the alt timeline nobody bothered to ask this one question. What were these peopel even doing in austrialla in the alternate timeline. Ok so locke went to a confrence, great but remember in the real timeline the walkabout was somethign that Abbadon told him about. So then what was the factor that made him go on this walkabout this time. Asuming that the island sunk in the 70s, widmor! e wouldnt' need to manipulate john on behalf of walter(thats a dark tower joke btw). Now my real reason for sayign somethign in the first place was that it seems to me that the peopel left on that wall in that cave are all clean. Everyone wondered why kate wasn't on the wall. She blew up her stepfather i dont' care what kind of creep he was she killed him. Some of the other names on that wall didn't kill anyone til they got to the island. Locke indirectly killed boone and also lied about it. I think if he'd told jack the truth he might have had a shot. Sawyer killed people both off and on island so now it seems that good old MIB is taking him. And what of sayid? It looks like he's with MIB now too. I think the peopel left are the ones who are most inocent.

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