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This is probably going to step on some toes as I'm sure this has been covered before. Well, at least the Hurley Bird part, but I think I've got it. Sorry if it seems like I'm stealing someone else's theory. Here goes...

I was watching season 2 last night and saw something I never caught before. Do you remember the giant bird that yelled Hurley's name as it flew overhead and Michael almost shot it? Well I know where it came from.

First ask yourself, why was there only one of these birds on the island? Why have we never seen another on since. Well the answer is pretty simple. It's all end game stuff.
The Hurley Bird was just a normal bird on Dogen's shoulder like you see in all the pirate movies. Darlton have already hinted at Dogen being on the black rock as the captain. So I'm taking that as gospel. I sure hope that's not a spoiler as I am trying to stay as spoiler free as possible before the finale.

Anyway, so after Jack and the chick who got blew up by the bomb detonated Jughead, there would be a massive amount of radiation on the island right? Well there ya go! The Hurley Bird is a mutant. You see, radiation caused the bird to grow 5 times its original size and turn green and learn to say a few words. One of them being HURLEY!!!! This would be caused by Gamma Rays.

Heres how I think Dogen either ends up on the island or on the black rock. Hiroshima. You see in the Lost world, everytime a nuclear bomb goes off, Jacob saves these people and gives them another chance at life.

I bet the final scence of Lost will be the Hurley bird perched on the statue of Anubis' shoulder. Cut to LOST

Or something else

Thanks for reading and please go easy on me, this is my first time posting.

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