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How this season will develop by losttheory2

i think that only one reality will be allowed to exist eventually. i.e two timelines are inherently unstable to the universe.

this will be determined mainly by the actions of people on the island, (i would guess though there would be some sort of crossover of people between timelines- such as walt. walt didnt go back when locke tried to round everyone up)- but the crossover could be greater with the "oceanic flight didnt crash" timeline people having to take action to ensure that their timeline survives

an ultimate bad guy (who could be MIB) will exist in both timelines and will have to marry his/her fate to one timeline. if he/she picks the wrong one then he/she will die.

the island people will learn of the sucess of the nuke going off and the existence and some details of the alternate reality.

the island people will split into two groups the ones who want their timeline to carry on and the ones who want to sacrifice their "island" timeline to kill the ultimate bad guy and for their alternate timeline counterparts.

it is possible that good will win out because the good guys in both timelines will work together but the bad guys in both timelines would work against each other because the selfish people in both timelines will only care about their individual timeline/reality surviving

the two pictures supplied by lost producers now clearly represent the two timelines. in the one where they all face the camera you can see a cross(jack covers it up in the other picture - thanks seanie b) which would indicate sacrifice and they all look pretty annoyed - probably cause they are going to die (or are already dead) - which also indicates sacrifice

couple of less likely guesses now

maybe people who stand up are people who are still alive when the "island " timeline expires

where is desmond?!? what does that mean?!?
maybe he is taking the picture brotha. maybe he will have to keep looping forever and ever to sustain the new timeline?? but this is just a wild guess.

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