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Last night I had a random as fuck dream about Lost, but I think it's pretty interesting and got me thinking about it. Could actually be the ending.

So basicly it was like I was watching an episode as if I was the camera.

Any of you noticed how Jack has been getting angrier and it seems as if he is thinking "what would Sawyer do" in situations, because he knows Kate loves Sawyer, but he loves her. Like when he randomly lashes out at the Others whenever they come near him and when he swallowed the poison. Well my dream would of been like one of the final episodes, where Jack is just fed up and majorly depressed.

He had somebody at gun point aiming at their head. I think it was Lennon but it was a dream its hazy... Feel free to put whoever you want in that role. This was after a small scuffle where I think Jack took the gun from the man. As Jack rapidly raises the gun to Lennons head, people around him (The others, Kate, Hurley) are shouting and shit like "Jack no!" Jack takes a second, then makes one of them angry faces that he does and pulls the trigger.

As he pulls the trigger a black and white flash of Jacks face screaming" No!" appears in front of Lennons, and as the bullet hits Lennon.... Jack disapears and a breeze of dust blows away from where he just stood. At this point all the characters are like.. "What the fuck!" A short pause of unbelief.
This scene happened very briefly within like 20 seconds and I have a theory.

Imagine that when Jack disapears he is suddenly converted to his Alternative self.

"Well what triggers it?" you ask. Doing something different from your original timeline self, so we have to imagine that what should of happened, is that Jack raised his gun but never had the guts to fire. This is what always happened and should happen. But because Juliet triggered Jughead, the characters can change things.

This is why Juliet said it worked. Because in the normal timeline she should never of triggered Jughead, so because she has drastically changed her timeline (bringing herself to near-death) she has now experienced the alternative. However Juliet is not in the alternative now. She briefly experienced it. She is dead now, and dead is dead.

In other words, to get back to the alternative timeline, each character must dramaticly change an event that should happen in their timeline. Juliet is the best example, because she was never supposed to detonate Jughead, yet because she did she switched between mindsets.

Not the best theory I know but feel free to add to it or do what you will.

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