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How Lost Will End by Ben's Eye

OK so I've been thinking about this since the beginning of season 6. This may not be 100% right, but bear with me. I think that when a person dies, their conciousness flashes to the Alt. Reality (as seen by Juliet telling Miles 'it worked' and asking Sawyer for coffee. Same thing happened to Charlotte. And also, Miles couldn't get a reading on Sayid, so clearly Sayid isn't "dead", he's alive and well in the Alt.).

So this season, everyone must die. It is for their own good. The alternate reality is already showing that a person can be redeemed once they die (Locke seems to be on his way). So far, Claire and Sayid are claimed. I think Sawyer is soon to follow (perhaps being manipulated by Juliet as the Smoke Monster). Anyway, it will come down to Jack being the last survivor.

So it will be Locke (as MIB) and Jack. But MIB will convince Jack that he too, must die, if he truly wants to escape. However, new people will just return, and the loop will continue. So Jack will turn the wheel and move the through time, but this time it will land underwater (I think that Jacob moved the island through time, hoping that no one would find it, but it wasn't a good enough hiding place). Moving the island under water will ensure that no one else could come to the island to "corrupt and destroy". It also means that the Smoke Monster can no longer exist (and I think that the Smoke Monster is mostly the collective conscious of everyone that has ever been/ever will be on the island...it is the essence of conscious in a way, more human than any of the others). Once the islanders die, their past consciousness stays behind on the island as the Smoke Monster.

So the final scene I'm seeing is Jack turning the wheel, water rushing over the island, the Smoke Monster dispersing in the water (finally "home") and Jack's body rising to the surface of the water, drowning on the way up. And then I can see some epic music, and then a final short scene to wrap it all up (a last redemption...maybe a musical montage, happy ending). OK, this is probably 100% incorrect and too obvious, but let's discuss.

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