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Geography by Locke4God

I know somebody else found it odd that Ben, Frank, and Ilana carried a dead John Locke all the way back to the Lostie beach camp from the statue in a matter of an hour. Didn't that used to be like a 2 day trek?

Follow me here. I know it used to take a couple of days to bet to the Barracks from the beach camp. Sawyer & Kate had to spend a night in the jungle on the way back from the Hydra Island in season 3, the Hydra of course is not far from the Dharma docks. Then Sawyer again had to spend a night hiking back from the Barracks in season 4, the night Claire disappeared.

Now the Dharma barracks aren't near the statue, I hear you, but I present to you exhibit A. Ben, Frank, and Ilana arrive at the Lostie graveyard with the beach on their left, meaning they circled the island clockwise. Sayid in Season 2 first discovered the statue by sailing from the beach camp in the same direction. He then came across the Dharma docks after that. If you have good spacial logic then you'll immediately recognize that this mean that even if the statue were 10 feet from the beach camp, Ben and co. still carried Locke the long way around and had to pass the barracks in the process, meaning the trip must have taken at least 2 days. I don't suspect it did however.

Thoughts, opinions? Am I being too picky here? :-)

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