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FLocke is Locke by Chemoboy

With the Locke episode having aired and seeing similarities in the MIB and Locke, this thought occured to me:

What if Flocke is actually the Locke from the ALT (Alt Locke). Imagine that ALT Locke, who unlike the currently dead, ends up being happy and with the ones he loves (wife and father). Alt Locke happens to be on a plane traveling at the same time as the flight in the RLT is carrying the body of Locke.

The ALT Locke would have a reason to go home and want nothing more than to leave the island. Now perhaps the black smoke is nothing more than the presence of an ALT traveler in this world or the two (MIB and Alt Locke) have bonded for a common cause. Now with this, perhaps the ALT time line is dark and the current time line is light.

I will now put the crack pipe down.

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