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Flash Sideways Solved by Don't Tell Me

I came up with this theory while rewatching the season 3 finale Through the Looking Glass. AS you know, the whole time you are watching that episode (which is one of the best ever) you are watching the future not the past. This is wonderfully crafted by the creators and I believe it has relevance to the season 6 Flash Sideways. Let me explain.

1st off, let's come to the conclusion that LOST must go off air with a bang. It has built a reputation of ending on "Oh My God" notes and the finale should be no different. What if the ending of LOST was realizing that everything we've seen in these season 6 flashes is actually the real ending to the show. Maybe the true reset has not happened yet on island time.

Bear with me here. Let's say that whatever made all of our characters' stories so different was not Jughead, but what will happen on the island by the end of Season 6. Then, all that we have been watching since LA X (unique title by the way) is what will happen as a result of all of the characters coming together to ward off evil and Smokey on the Island. Somehow the island will sink to the bottom of the ocean floor and change the lives of the would-be Losties forever.

The change, mind you, is for the better. Notice that all of the original flashbacks we watched from seasons 1,2, and 3 showed how Lost and Broken our characters were. Now in the flash sideways we see some good things happening. It looks like Claire will take care of her own baby without going to a remote island. Locke is starting to accept his life and has a relationship with his father. Jack, even though his father is dead and it seems they didn't completely get along, is making up for the fact by having his own child and developing a real relationship with him. I think we will continue to see more positive changes in the lives of our main characters.

As for the Island, well let's wonder for a minute here. Big players seem to know what the future holds - Widmore, Ben, Jacob, MIB, and maybe Alpert. What is really at stake here? Some kind of end of the world apocalypse idea that has been around since season 1 needs to be mentioned soon on the show. We know that the candidates have certain roles to fulfill and jobs to do. Maybe the job is to reset the world - time itself - to give the entire world a second chance. In order for that to happen these chosen few must do something on the Island. What it is - I have no clue yet, but I know we will soon find out. The Island is key to survival for the entire outside world and Jacob cares deeply about that.

Hopefully this idea makes sense. I hope to hear ideas and feedback. Somewhere along the series I think we will find out that these sideways flashes are true and the actual ending to the character arcs we need to see. I think this is brilliant storytelling and lets Looking Glass function as a foreshadowing tool. Off the top of my head right now, the connections of the characters can function as each others constants in the new timeline. OK - I'm off - hope to hear from you all.

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