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The Fifth Dimension by Alexander

Hello guys, LOST is my favourite TV show and I thought I'd cook up a mouth-watering theory. Enjoy!

In the season six premiere when Jack went to the bathroom, he comes back and notices Desmond in the seat next to his own. The obvious question the viewer would ask is, why is Desmond on Oceanic Flight 815?

The answer lies in the fifth dimension, probability/chance. The reason we saw Desmond on Oceanic Flight 815 in the alternate universe was because the past was altered, and it caused a new timeline to branch off the existing timeline ie

------------------ Universe 1
--------- Universe 2

Picture the above as a timeline, and picture the second line branching off the mid-point of the first timeline. Universe 1 is where Oceanic Flight 815 crashes, Universe 2 is where Oceanic Flight 815 doesn't crash.

My thought processes tell me Desmond was to blame for this. If you remember the episode "Flashes Before Your Eyes", we find out that Miss Hawking met Desmond at a jewelry store. Here is a quote from Lostpedia.

"Some time later, Desmond looks at diamond rings in a shop. Ms. Hawking, the shop keeper, aids him in his browsing, finding him the perfect one for his price range. He says he'll take the ring, but is taken back when she says "no, you won't." Ms. Hawking tells the astonished Desmond that he isn't supposed to take the ring, because his not buying it led to his original fate of ending up on the island and turning the fail-safe key. She also states that "if you don't do those things, Desmond David Hume, every single one of us is dead.""

Desmond had a ring on Oceanic Flight 815, no? Yes he did! I am trying to say that Desmond is the reason for the disturbed timeline, not the hydrogen bomb. Think about it, Desmond marries Penny, therefore Desmond never goes to the island, therefore he never turns the failsafe key, which therefore means he doesn't have flashes and therefore his actions mean that the freighter team doesn't come to the island and that means nothing from that point on ever happened.

We have been shown the fifth dimension in action, chance. If you change something, you create a new timeline. I believe this is why Desmond is "miraculously special", as described by Daniel.

Desmond will be crucial in the upcoming episodes, in my opinion. What does everybody think?

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