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A Few Random Thoughts by Locke4God

We hadn't really seen such a blatant black/white reference in the show until this past episode, at least not in such a manner that it was directed solely at MIB & Jacob. But there was MIB standing over the scale of black & white stones.

We've seen Locke's eyes, the backgammon pieces, and number of other black and white references, but I got to wondering why Adam & Eve carried black & white stones with them.

Obviously that was a hint to us very early on, but why would the characters themselves be carrying the stones? To me it's almost unavoidable to think that they must have known about Jacob & MIB or at the very least what they represented on the island, and strictly because no other character has gone out of their way to possess black and white objects in such a symbolic manner.

* * * * *

Recall with me the image in the temple wall that depicted Smokey confronting the statue.

MIB claims that the island is nothing and would be fine without Jacob's help. Riiiiiiiight. Because the whole show has been about nothing? No, clearly he's lying here, and that means he was imprissoned for a reason.

If Jacob had done this to MIB maliciously then something would have gone wrong by now. Jacob would have used his evil powers to win, or destroy, or do whatever it was he wanted to do. But he didn't. Instead he set in motion events that brought the losties to the island, and unless you believe that the losties are going to commit some atrocity, then Jacob's actions are benign, and he's not after any evil intent.

That means that MIB is the worse of these two. The image of smokey confronting the statue, which must stand to represent either Jacob or at least an ideal or something he otherwise believes in or follows, is meant to show his annimosity towards the statue. He's shown as the aggressor.

Therefore whatever ill circumstances have been granted to MIB have likely been well deserved. He's a force that must be contained, and that must be the point of the island. It's hard to find so that nobody releases him, and it's hard to leave, so that he isn't released.

Jacob however is the guardian, and he does bring people in purposefully to seak out a pure individual who will be able to take his place as the guardian of MIB. When MIB promissed to use these people against Jacob, Jacob set in motion events that would counter that effort.

* * * * *

So if MIB is trying to leave, whether that means going back to a different time, or spiritual plane, or the real world, or a different planet, or whatever, it means he has to be able to pierce the seal of the island. And to do that all he had to do was kill Jacob, along with any potential successor, and therein lies the problem for him.

Jacob said, "they" are coming, meaning his candidates, and although MIB has killed Jacob, the seal has not been broken because there are potential successors roaming about, and so he must kill those.

That was Jacob's plan, or part of it. It's a stall tactic. Whoever (Jack) is supposed to ultimately assume Jacob's mantle, has yet to do so, and so MIB is now on a mission to find the needle in a haystack that is locating that person and to kill them.

He knows who they are, but he needs to play them against one another in order for them to kill eachother off, because as we heard the boy say last week, he can't kill them.

So now he needs Sawyer to draw them out. He needs to fuel their emotions. And he hopes that they will kill eachother, destroying the roll of his guardian, and breaking the seal that binds him to the island.

Of course we know that won't work ;-)

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