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Every DOGMA has its day by Niknar

It is clear that Lost asks many theological questions. The biggest one of all is that good old debate about good vs. evil. Just like every good story has its hero and villain. Every good belief system needs a reliable counterpart. Therefore, the fact that neither of these sides seems to have any valuable answers for our losties is of considerable interest to me. I know that there is a "war coming", and I know that there are still many questions to be answered pertaining to who is good and who is bad. Honestly, does it really matter who wins at the end? Is life simply about good triumphing over evil? What is good and what is evil?

We have loved and hated our losties. Does that make any of them less valuable in the end? I think that Lost is about exposing a dogma (or multiple dogmas) and asking us (the viewers) the real question. Why is it that we ever subscribe to any dogma? We all know that life is abo! ut balance, and to a certain extent that is what dogmas try to represent. We can all associate with it because we all experience it to some extent. Perhaps life does require leaps of faith at times. It requires adventures into the unknown. Has Religion, some god, or gods claimed ownership of this experience? I don't think so. It is an inevitable part of the human experience. Yes we do have choices, but all choices can be manipulated. They can be manipulated for good or bad, right or wrong, and who's to say what is what at the end of the day. I think that the Dogma/Dogmas of the island (world) should own up to what it is they really are. Their value is secondary to that of our losties. I think that the only real FAITH was the faith that our losties had in each other. There is no Dogma that can trump that. I think the question that we should be asking is what purpose does any religious (or other Dogma)have without our faith in it. It is a method of expressing wh! at we had all along. We don't need it. It needs us. The Isl! and need s the Losties to stay afloat. Religion is neither bad nor is it good. It is how we interpret or use it that is bad or good. Just to live life. That's a real journey. Our Losties seem to do that to a certain extent. They are reluctant to subscribe to any particular Dogma. If just living life is Dogmatic. Well I would subscribe to it. It's a lot more fun anyway.

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