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The Eko That Could Have Been by atlant1s

Wow, the Eko that could have been

It’s so interesting to go back to the early part of the series with what we’ve been shown with just the season 6 premiere. Then again, I suppose that’s what makes lost so great—that usually happens when they FINALLY give us a little nugget as to what’s going on. But I digress. It does get the mind racing though ;)

Anyway, on to what thoughts struck me on my (yet another) rewatch.

Personally, Eko is (was ? lol) my favorite character and when I see how the writers made such a big deal, and gave the character so much intriguing detail on the scale of season 1 Locke, I can’t help but theorize as to what direction they were taking him before the actor left.

Eko was given dreams, had an enormous amount of faith in what he was shown, and that seems to amount to some kind of communion with the island to where this dreamlike line of communication comes into play. Now, in my opinion, I think it makes sense to think the actual manifestations of the dead that appear are in fact the smoke monster/MIB’s doing, and the dreams we’re shown are because of either Jacob or the island, or some other entity we’ve yet to be introduced to. Either way, those with a more open mind to receive "further instruction" I think are susceptible to the higher powers' influence. Anyway, to think if Eko stayed, how epic would it have been if Eko took John's position of faith in the island once "Smoke-Locke" came around? A few things to back up this possible original scenario is how Eko seems to have this instinct of what's right or wrong on the island (i.e.: watches Pearl video and discerns that Chang is lying, and the Swan is real). Another thing ! that's fun to imagine is Eko vs. Smokey, and how epic it could have been following the "staredown" where it seems that Eko was perhaps going to be "incorruptible" in a sense (unable to be Smoked :p).

The dream of Yemi instructed him to “help John” find the question mark. But take it further. Eko’s interpretation of the Pearl monitoring station was that he saw passed Pierre Chang’s lie –that the Swan was a psychological experiment. Locke took it the opposite way, and I think [U]dream[/U]-Yemi’s “help John” goes further along this line: “help John find his faith again.” In other words, this force wanted the button to be pushed along into the future to keep the peverbial boulder in place in the stream of time, keeping both streams constant (so yes, the button was saving the/that world). Ok, straying off topic lol, just wanted to share my thoughts on what Eko could have been!

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