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This a theory based on a dream I have pretty much just woken up from about Lost.

I’m trying to write it now so that I don’t forget any of the details... but somehow, parts of it make some logical sense. Other parts don’t. But I’ll share what I can remember.

Basically, a majority of the main ensemble – Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Hurley, Sayid, Claire, Jin (but no Sun for some reason) are on the beach sitting around a makeshift rectangular table discussing Locke.

Sayid says how they have to kill him before he gets off the island and starts corrupting the outside world by convincing people he is God but for some reason Jack says “No. We have to SAVE him.”

In the dream, at this point that I can remember, Richard is a “ghost entity” now. So he died within my subconscious but much like Al in Quantum Leap he’s hanging around, still advising everyone what to do.

He’s telling them that Locke or Flocke is the smoke monster and that the smoke monster is a nano-cloud built to help save the world having come from THE FUTURE. However, it became self-aware and when it came back in time from the future via The Orchid Station, so too did its creator Jacob!!!

Only they were catapulted back centuries. In my dream this all made sense of course. Writing it now makes it sound very silly, but still very cool.

From what I can gather from this fast fading dream is that Jacob made Smokey to save the world as the electromagnetism beneath the island was building up to a point of critical mass, so much so it was causing a catastrophic shift in the magnetic poles of the Earth. Smokey was a new kind of nano-technology built and programmed to go deep into the core of the island and fix the leak.

Anyways, Richard then morphs into Charlie. For some reason. Claire cries. And I forget the next bit.

Then Sawyer says “I know how to save Locke.”

Because now the dream has become less about saving the world and all about saving Locke. (For the record, I am a big Locke fan, so it makes sense my dream should be based around saving him lol)

Somehow, I was aware that I was watching Lost in my dream and believed it to be a real episode. And all of this made sense when Sawyer started explaining what they needed to do.

He said something along the lines of this; “Faraday said we CAN change the past. When we were all going through the time flashes after y’all left we took a canoe around the island to get to the orchid. Somebody started shootin’ at us and we were saved at the last moment by another time flash.”

He went on to say that he thinks the other canoe was actually THEM. But now he thinks that was from a different timeline where they failed to catch up to them and that if they go again this time, he knows precisely where the “past” version of him, Juliet, Faraday, Miles, Charlotte and LOCKE will be before they flash again. Kate says he’s just doing it to try to save Juliet, but Sawyer says if they save Locke from dying, they might just be able to change EVERYTHING. (It sounded reasonable at the time you understand).

So Jack, Sawyer, Kate and Sayid all go (at least I think it was those four) and they chase after the canoe that Locke and the others from the past are on. (The moment from The Little Prince where they are being shot at from behind.)

It all plays out how it happened and they miss saving Locke or Juliet or even getting close. Sawyer tarts yelling and jumps in the water to try to swim after the disappeared canoe.

This is where my memory starts to fail me now.

All I remember is that Flocke turns up in the jungle saying how they cannot stop him.

Jumbled crazy dream stuff happened.

I think I remember Jack and him arguing over the real Locke’s fate.

Flocke says something like “He’s not dead. But you’ll never find him. Not unless you know where to look.”

More crazy stuff that I don’t remember happened.

Then it kind of fizzled out. But somewhere in between this jumble of imagery and mythology came one little thing I think could actually hold water:

Candidates are not selected for who will become the new Jacob, but for which one of them is the one who sacrifices their life to save the island and the world by going to the source of the island’s power and essentially shutting it off.

I’m guessing in my dream logic that’s what Sawyer thought they needed Locke in order to do and that only he could do it hence another reason why Smokey killed him.

Oh, oh, I remember something else! Flocke aka Smokey can’t escape the island just by leaving because the electromagnetic fields that encompass the whole island act, like Desmond once said, as “a snow globe” that he cannot penetrate. Hence why he couldn’t penetrate the sonic fence in Season 3.

I have watched and re-watched this show many times. I love it.

But it creeps me out to know that even when I dream I seem to remember and reference actual mythology and moments from the show with incredible accuracy. That makes me very sad. But I just thought I would share this epic dream with all of you and who knows, maybe there is something in there that might turn out to be on the money.

Well, I can dream can’t I?


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