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Desmond exists in both timelines simultaneously.Or rather all possible time lines.A multiverse of options. Only one Desmond. I believe he's got special insight to every reality. Especially if he's developed his time travelling of consciousness ability to be able to Shift on purpose.He may be the key to helping Alt jack and others to piece together the diseparate timelines and there for bring an end to the game Jacob and Mib are playing. Which raises an interesting question. How many realities have we been privy too?
could it be that every flash was not only though time but also to a slightly different reality. Evidenced by Faraday being able to contact Des at the hatch door circa sept 22 2004.As a side note that particular jump had to be the day of the crash, as Desmond had on the torn suit that Enman had on before Des accidentally killed him.What ever happened happened. Only if we've remained in the same reality for all the flashes.Not sure exactly what I'm driving at but Desmond the one Desmond is key.

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