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I’m borrowing ideas from theories I have read today and yesterday…I couldn’t have even come to this without the other theories…So yeah…

One theory I am borrowing from expressed the idea that Daniel Faraday is David’s piano teacher, citing evidence of handwriting on the music identical to the handwriting in Daniel’s journal, and the fact that Daniel too was a music prodigy.

Another, that David is the MIB, and Aaron is Jacob. Physically, the MIB on the beach was a blue eyed Caucasian man, with what appeared to be graying brown hair. Jacob’s appearance could for obvious reasons be an older Aaron…and just so happens to look about 13-14 years younger than the MIB on the beach.

So, now that we have a possible Daniel and David connection, and a theory positing that David and Aaron could be Jacob and the MIB…what could this mean?

Well I’m not sure, but in short it could mean that Daniel somehow sent David and Aaron back in time, back to the dinosaur days, in order to save the world…And it would take their parents, and possibly a few loops and timelines to get it right…or something like that…

Totally bat-nuts crazy? Perhaps. And yes, I basically stole this…But it’s something fun to chew on.

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