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Converging Consciousnesses by Juliaann108

Here’s my theory, which is less about Jacob and MIB (for now I’m satisfied just knowing that it’s an age-old struggle between good and evil or free will and faith, etc) and more about what’s happening with our favorite characters and why.

The incident (H-Bomb) caused time to split into at least two realities. Jacob and the MIB have two distinct goals and two distinct abilities:

- MIB – able to take the form of dead people (not possess dead people, mind you). Note, we saw the bodies of Alex, Yemi, etc., so we know they weren’t possessed.
- Jacob – able to grant the power to slip from one “reality” to another – and across time - upon death. He must touch someone to grant this ability. Desmond is the anomaly here; he can do this on his own. I believe his stints as a soldier, a monk, etc. were all different realities. Penny remains his constant so he doesn’t get lost. Get it? Also note, we’ve never seen Christian’s body. I think he’s begrudgingly working for Jacob (I know I’m going to get pummeled for this :)
- Here are the most obvious examples to support my theory:
o Sayid – Sayid “rose from the dead” in the temple. I believe he’s still Sayid and that his alt-consciousness was pulled from the 2004 timeline to his newly-dead body. I believe his 2007 memories will die quickly (making him appear infected/insane) and only his 2004 consciousness will remain.
o Juliet – died in the hatch, then her consciousness slipped into another reality (where she will eventually meet Sawyer and have coffee). I believe she’ll bring her 2007 “memories” with her to 2004.
o Charlie (this one’s my favorite) – he appeared to be trying to kill himself on the plane, but what he was really doing was trying to send his consciousness to the day he died in the jungle (via Ethan). Jack didn’t revive Charlie, Charlie revived himself. He was somehow aware that he needed to save himself and carry out his on-island tasks (I’m thinking that, once you dabble in death, you gain insight into the other realities). But what does this mean now that Jack “saved” him on the plane? Does he never wake up after Ethan kills him?
o Locke – this one’s flimsy, by I’m trying it. When Ben killed him, he didn’t die, but his consciousness slipped from the hotel room to the new reality. I’m willing to bet that the Locke on the plane in LA X is fully aware of both realities and providing subtle guidance (though I’m not sure what his agenda is). Here’s another one. Suppose, when he fell from the building, Jacob didn’t revive him, but touched him and pulled in a consciousness from another reality. If my theory is correct, the Locke laying on the beach still has a chance (since he hasn’t been buried).
o Hurley – suppose he’s not talking to dead people, but actually seeing “through the veil” of the different realities. Charlie appears to him, but we know that in at least one reality, he’s not dead.
o Claire – I’ve seen people calling her Clousseau, but I think she’s really Claire pulled from another reality (most likely when she died in the explosion). She wasn’t infected, she just doesn’t know anyone besides Christian (and maybe even Jacob) so she lives in hiding.
- Ouch. This hurts my head.
- In conclusion, I believe Desmond and Hurley (and maybe Juliet) will ultimately be the ones to clue the others in, to enlighten them so that their déjà vu moments (like Kate and Claire in the hospital in WKD) become actual memories, so they can rally and fight with a purpose (as opposed to guessing and running around and blowing things up, etc.)
- While I’m here I’ll take a stab at the “final battle.” I believe Jacob needs to find a similar loophole in order to do battle with MIB. My best guess is Jack – I think Christian will somehow die and Jack will “inherit” the ability to speak for Jacob. JJack and Flocke will fight.

So that’s it. I’d love to know what you think.

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