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I have a certain "crack-pot" theory that I've been pondering, don't know if you've seen, heard, or mentioned it before, but I'm gonna go with it anyways.

In the first episode of season 6, I noticed that the flare let off from the temple is seen by the Sun/Lapidus/Alpert group at the foot of the four-toed statue.
Therefore one can assume that Jack and company arrive to the time period of the Sun/Lapidus/Alpert group after the bomb went off. More specifically, they arrive at THAT exact time.

What I'm further trying to get at is, perhaps we can assume that Jack and company detonate the bomb and travel through time at the same time Jacob is killed by Ben.

This may indeed be a significant detail in more than one way. For starters, why is it that both events coincide? Surely Jack and company could have arrived before Locke and Company were marching to the four-toed statue.

Another implication of this coinciding of events may also be a timeline with Jacob and without Jacob. We did see that Jacob's spirit or something of that nature appearing to Hurley and thus, Jacob is present in some way. The alternate reality we were presented with this season is the world of the Losties without them having met Jacob. Without meeting or having Jacob in their lives, their lives changed in subtle, small, or even large ways, which is the alternate reality we are seeing this season, as opposed to the timeline with MIB, etc.

That's my theory and i'm sticking to it!

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