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Interesting to me when Claire told Jin that both her father AND her 'friend' told her that the Others had Aaron. We all assumed that before Locke died, MIB was using Christian's body. But Since Claire knew unLocke was MIB right away, she must have seen him before he was in lockes form. So if In fact MIB was in the form of Christan before why did she say my Father AND my friend? wouldn't she know that they were the same un-person?

all this to say I'm speculating Christan is some how alive and 'infected'. Its a pretty loose theory considering Christian shows up randomly (to jack, to locke by wheel, etc) just like Dr. Smoke. I dont know it just got me thinking that Claire should have known especially if she's infected. Plus there seems to be different degrees or types of infection. Sayid and Claire still seem to have their same behaviors (kind of): like they are normal to the other 815 people (sayid still same just worried more), Claire still cares for Jin. But The french people with Danielle went crazy. They all tried to kill her instantly, Even her husband (it was her husband right? its been a while) tried to shoot her. This could also be because the French crew were neither candidates or important so MIB just wanted them gone

or MIB just was messing with Claire and she didnt see the obvious.

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