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I haven't posted a theory in a long time, but after watching the season 6 premiere, I've got some ideas flowing again. Also with the amount of theories being submitted I haven't had a chance to read them all so this may or may not have already been mentioned.

After watching LA X it was confirmed to us that Locke is the Smoke Monster (Even though he doesn't like being called a monster.) It was also made clear that the Monster doesn't actually take over the body itself, but is just able to take it's form, and when this happens apparently it can also gain all of your memories up until you died. However I believe it doesn't take the form of a person through scanning their dead body. It takes form through scanning the living person itself, and absorbing all their memories. Once this happens they can also take the form of people from their memories, however they only know as much as the person knew about them. Also, once the person is scanned, from then on the Monster absorbs any new memories you create. After this it knows what you are thinking, where you are, and can somehow give you messages and subtly manipulate/control you.

My theory is that Christian's Body never actually made it to the island. The coffin made it there, but no Christian inside. I think that the first thing that happened (A scene we have yet to see), is the Smoke Monster scanning Jack when he landed in the Jungle after the plane crashed. After scanning Jack the monster finds out that Christian is dead, and understands the relationship Jack had with his Father, so decides to take the form of Christian in an attempt to manipulate Jack. Christian happens to be a good candidate, but only can be used for so long because it only has Jack's memories of Christian. Later it scans Locke and takes all his memories, and realizes that Locke IS the one that he needs to use. Smokey could have taken Locke's form in season 1, however it is much more effective for Smokey to take the shape of someone that has died, and also been personally scanned by the Monster itself. By taking the shape of someone who has died, to others will appear as ! a Ghost, or someone who has been ressurected. This gives Smokey the chance to not get caught, at least until a body is found. I'm not sure why the monster didn't hide Locke's body, it may have not had enough time or it may have known that after Jacob was dead it wasn't going to matter.

Evidence to support this:

- Christians body has never been found.
- Eko was scanned before Yemi appeared to him.
- After Eko was scanned, the Monster appeared as the Alter boy, who as far as we know never came to the island and never died.

I'm interested to hear people's feedback on the Monster, and everything else I've touched base on. Thanks!


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