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This is short, but perhaps very significant

In "Lighthouse" Claire says in reference to Jin's question about how she knew the Others took Aaron, "First my father told me, then my friend told me."

She references Christian and Flocke as seperate beings. Now obviously MIB could have played her, and reappeared to her as Flocke later on, never letting on that he was actually the same, but I'm a little suspicious here.

She obviously knows that Flocke isn't the John she knew before, so why wouldn't he just tell her that he was also Christian? There must be a reason to keep that secret.

OR, Christian was actually a seperate being.

Of course we know that Christian's body was never found, unlike Locke's, so is there still a strong possibility that Christian was Jacob all along? His luring of Jack to the caves might suggest as much. Or could Christian just be Christian, or maybe somebody else?

I think something is up here. It just still feels a little odd.

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