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Imagine the finale of Lost: Jack sitting on the beach looking outwards at the peaceful ocean. He is tossing a small pebble repeatedly in the air. Jack is wearing light colored clothes, his face has a contemplative look, but you can tell he is peaceful, at last.
The camera slowly pans sideways and we see that Jack is not alone. Slowly, Sawyer emerges into view, glaring at Jack. You can see the anger and disgust in his eyes.

He slowly walks over to Jack and sits besides him, looking out into the ocean. Then he turns to Jack and asks "Do you know how badly I want to kill you?"
Jack smiles, the same smile Jacob usually wears, and replies "I know James, I know."
The camera pulls away, showing the entire island, which is completely deserted. The ruins come into view. The camera keeps pulling away, then fade to black.

I don't know what happens to everyone else. I presume most will die, and a few will be able to get off the island, probably with Jacks help.

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