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C h e c k m a t e by Alan "Blurman" Cisneros

Before my theory (i promise there´s one after the intro, I think, hope... hey it´s big, read it please ha), i want yo share with you some thoughts on Lost series finale in therms of how it will be and why i certain that will happen.

I think many theories here are really interesting for it´s complexity and crazyness for fans like us, that are, ok guys it´s time to face the truth, Lost´s geeks. But for other people that watch the show just won`t work, i mean, for example, in my family, I´m the lost´s freaky, my brother is near but not 3am downloading new epidose near, and my parents make theories but don´t re-watch every episode at least 3 times in a weak.

So, in other words, and I mean carlton & damon ones, they won´t go the easy way, but neither the trickiest one. And I´m with them, i think what many of you said would be a big like we said in México "no maaaaa...es" (no literal translation for this haaa) a disappointment to realize that every continuity error was in fact "another universe", or that LA scenes are just "enjoy dead characters alive scenario". Just won´t work for me, nor 80% of the fans. I think this season has a feeling not only like season 1, but like season 4. beacuse i also share thoughts that that the island time is in fact the flahsbacks of this season (more on that already touch by many many others topic in a bit), and the juicy stuff is to develope how that happened.

For hard core fans like us have to enjoy that ride, because it can and i hope it would be a lovely and well structure ride, but for my mom, friends, o casual fans, it´s not the ride but the "surprise". In the end, the big gift is for us. So here we go:

The conflict between Jacob and Mr "don´t call me" Black Smoke, is for me not only about destiny and free will, but to determine the human nature. A person is born pure?, or has the same amount of good & evil in it, and just need "a little push" to tilt one more than another? They show us that prerrogative all the time, not in LA time(yet), but along the show. For example, James Jim Sawyer Lafleur Ford is neither good or bad, just pushed by the circumstances and decisions, destiny and (not vs) free will.
Jack is neither a season 1 hero nor a season 5 Jack-ass. Locke is a pithy, noble, sad and resentful guy all at the same time. So, what is the game about?, to unleash one side more than another. The thing is, that is only a game for Smokey Man, because Jacob already knows that it is a nobody wins, everything is relative game.

Locke "smoke´a lot" guy is tired so he is bending the rules, but he already did this, so he was capture in a cabain. I think, and this might be a crazy guess, that all Dharmaville folks where already dead and were brought to life in a darky and smokey way, so they were "infected". Remember the gas genocide?, I doubt that Richard, even Ben and the others killed them just because they want a king size bed and cold beers, but we never inferred a strong reason, until now.

Dogen "I don´t like, ok maybe just for dirty talk English" dude, after torture Sayid in that horrible episode says to Jack that Sayid needs to eat the pill willingly. Why?, why they just killed him by drawning him into the filthy "non chlorinated" spring again? Because he can´t be killed again, unless he realized by himself that he isn´t really alive, but only the darkest side of him.

Here is when you know that Jacob is not the good or the bad guy, just an aware and happy one that acknowledges that every human nature is like mother nature, is all about balance. And his nemesis, is not the bad guy, just the angry and frustrated one, that pointesstly trys to prove that one side can prevail.

That´s why this is called zombie season, not because Charlie, and Boone & co., it was an inside joke between writers due to their knowledge that on the island, some people are already dead and living at the same time, but it´s not life anymore, because there is no natural balance, A.K.A. Jack´s father, Sayid, Claire, Ben, and possibly Sun (more on that next).

Everyone that is important to Jacob to frustrate his former friend plans has a number, because he has found the perfect equation, the other ones are collateral damage (sorry Frogurt).

Base on that it is interesting to assume that Sayid is the "dead" one, i mean, i know he is, mmm was, but the dark side is the one that will grow on him? Remember Sunny Sun?, she didn´t travel to the 70´s with the rest of the gang, of course everyone asumes that it was because of the promise of Jonny Locke to Jin, but i doubt it. Dead people can´t travel across time (but apparently cool retro VW vans can), like Charlotte. So Sun was already an un-dead sexy lady, and at some point of this season they will reveal how and when she died, i´m guessing suicide. Ok, you will say and what about Frank & Ben? First neither of those were a touch by the the hand of Debra Morgan´s ex-husband Supernatural Lucifer, Jacob, second, Frank it´s a candidate (no idea here, and not that interested either) and Ben was a spring revived one.

Island time & LA time, it´s not the same, it´s not parallel. L.A. stuff is after the island time, their messing with lets face it, not us, theories´ 2am readers fans, but yes with many many people. Island time are flashfowards of a "second chance" of life to our beloved losties (including the bizarro version ones).

The term "after" is of course relative, all this timeline will happen and it´s happening, but it is a consequence of actions and circumstances. How so?, by a big time sacrifice, by whom? (yes whom??, ohh sorry, my english is not my first language) by everyone that is contemplated in this equation. Pair vs pair. Until, (I will borrow some ideas from a very nice theory by real John locke also post here) everyone or almost everyone will end up swimming with the fishes on island time. But by dying they´re not failing, but finishing their purpose as an element of the equation, they will die when they fulfill their inner purpuse, when they expel their common demons.

Let´s recap that and tell me if I´m wrong. Boone died after he let go his obsesive behavior towards his life and Shannon, and in LA time, he is Shannon free. Eko let go his infamous past life and die. Shannon stop being selfish, dies, and you don´t know if his LA time boyfriend is an ass or what. Faraday let go twitching and his idea of "what happened happened" and died, and so with every character; with this point of reference is not that impossible to know who will be next. Sawyer is safe for now, again, no because his shirtless time, but beacuse he is bitter again, Juliet had to die in order to put James back on his number. Jin, well he´s already a change man, so it´s a question of when will he find Sun and how will she receive him. Hurley is believing in himself, and he doesn´t feel like a crazy man, be careful Hugo, all that happiness in LA time, wasn´t for free, he will die in his center episode this season, it´s not a spoiler only a logical assumption. Kate no! t sure it will be when she finds Claire, instead will happen when she stop being so ambiguous about her decisions on island time, unfortunately that seems series finale attitude (thank god you´re hot Eve).

And Jack, oh poor Doc, he believes now, but not completely. Not until he sees with his own eyes the thing that will rock his M.D. socks off. Cristian, his unliving father with a body that was once his ying and yang father vessel. This revelation will lead him to a final round vs the essence of his fears, Believing. Not that he can fix things; he realize after a good talk with Locke or Cristian, he is what he is what he is thanks to the good and bad things in his life, and hte effort to erase that, is to erase himself, so the best he can do is eliminate this game once for all as his final act.

zzzuuuuuummm...and after a long black pause, next thing, Jack will be talking to kiddy Walt on a beach and we´ll be thinking they´re back on the island, but then he will be laying on his back, with a smooth zoom out of a common beach, with common turists, not the Island one, he´s on vacation, he let go as he closes his eyes.

Hope you like it, please comment and be rate it kindly hahah. This is my only written theory, and the last one. Great six years with you.

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