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The black and white theme, continuosly regurgitated on LOST does not necessarily pertain to good and evil. Like backgammon, there are two sides (you know them) and there is one goal, to win the game.

I believe that both Jacob and the MIB are trying to achieve the same goal, they are just going about it differently. MIB, appeals to reason and logic, while Jacob appeals to faith and trust in other peoples empathy and connectedness. Both are using human attributes on different ends of the emotional spectrum to achieve the same goal; to go home. They could care less about the lives involved in the game.

However, the MIB has had enough of the game, and Jacob is waiting to prove his point.
Jacob has revealed just enough to the people involved in the game, to motivate them to do what he needs them to. Because of his attitude toward the people at the temple at the end of Episode 6.05 (don't want to spoil), I am sure he does not care about anything but getting Jack to achieve his goal. I am pretty sure that Jacob's attitude won't sit well with Hurley either.
MIB has divulged his motives to Sawyer and explained that he needs his help. He has showed mercy to Ben, whom he knows is a murderer, and has given all he has confronted an explaination of his behavior. When Sawyer asks him how they go home at the end of Episode 6.04, the MIB explains, "together". Both the MIB and Jacob, need a willing participant to get them to achieve their goal.
Admittedly, I have had some crazy theories in the past, but this one I think is pretty solid. My appologies if it has been posted, I can't keep up with all the theories flooding the site, Thanks for reading!

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