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The Big Picture is a Mirror by B.A. Youngerman

On LOST, they have tried to explain the fourth dimension to us. They have compared the space-time continuum to a record, and they have likened it to a river. Both are similar images because both music and water flow along a path.

We’ve all listened to the notes of a song, blending one into the other, creating what could be called a musical road traveled with our ears. We’ve seen a stream running effortlessly inside the confines of its bed, creating a road of water that can be navigated.

Now to The Incident. I think that an explosion of electromagnetic energy shattered time. It broke time's normal flow into pieces. If you likened The Incident to a melody, you could say time was broken into single notes. If you compared it to a stream, you could say it separated into molecules of water.

But forget the water and music metaphors for a minute because now the writers are using another metaphor. They’re asking us to picture a mirror that shattered into the pieces. Each piece reflects a point of time. But, put together, they are one big picture. One shard flows into another.

Aren’t the writers are shouting out to us about mirrors? Why else have Jack look into the mirror on the plane? Or have Kate look in a mirror at the garage?

If history could be seen as a whole, if we could freeze everything, from the beginning of history to the end, then we could see that it all fits together, even seemingly contradictory pieces.

What will cause the shards to come together? I think they must reunite because that's the way the universe works. The mirror pieces are magnetically drawn to one another. There is no choice.

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