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BABY KWON A CANDIDATE? by Richard Ganther

At Sun and Jin's wedding, Jacob touches both of them on the arm. I believe this may be significant if we assume jacob has been planning this for a very long time, and also that he may have forseen his own death. If infact Jacob knew that the man in black would find his loop hole, he probably made provisions in his plan for it.

There are two possibilities with this theory. One being that Jacob felt noone on the island would survive, or at least be in the shape they needed to be in to take his mantle after the man in black had his day... OR perhaps the man in black has to kill or recruit all the candidates inorder to achieve his ultimate goal...

if either of those are the case, then it would stand to reason that jacob planned ahead and had an 'off island' candidate. by touching both sun and jin, perhaps this meant that their union would produce such a variable...and infact jacob does comment that what they have is a 'very special thing'

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