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After my first glimpse of the alt time line, one thing stood out to me. The "Losties" are not in control of their own destiny`s, but seem bound to an inevitable course of events. Lets take Hurley for example, I always pressumed he won the lottery because he used the "numbers", but now it seems Hurley was always going to win the lottery. Maybe he used the same numbers, maybe he used different ones I dont think that really matters. The point is Hurley always wins the lotto that week and he always gets on flight 815 whatever he does in any timeline these events will always happen.

First time Hurley was on flight 815 because he was in Australia finding out about the origins of the "numbers, in this alt timeline it seems he was in Aussie doing some promotional work for his Mr Clucky`s chicken franchise (Fate really wants him to own that chicken business!).

John Locke provides more examples of this just from his presence on the flight, I would pressume Mr Abbadon never visited him and told him to go on walkabout yet there he was fresh from his 10 nights of "sleepin under the stars". It was great to see him and Boone again and Boones line about sticking with him if the plane went down was brilliant as thats exactly what he did in timeline 1. So did Locke really go walkabout? At first I thought that was probably a lie given his wheelchair and he probably went through the same humilation as last time but I must say that Locke seems to be alot more content and at peace with himself this time, this was evident in the gesture and smile he threw at Jack when offering him a reminder of the great scheme of things when Jacks dads coffin was lost.

I would like to write quite alot about this but as I have never posted before so I will keep my thoughts breif just incase I`m not as interesting as my girlfriend says I am. ;)

There seems to be a pattern emerging involving these people crossing paths and influencing each others lives, island or not. Is Jacob still pulling the strings in alt timeline? What if Jacob has already woven the characters destiny`s together like a tapestry, binding them together throughout all their lives. Was that the tapestry we saw Jacob working on in the season 5 finale?
Live together die alone.


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