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On September 22nd 2004 - a tangent universe (oceanic flight 815 crashing on island) branched off of the primary universe (oceanic flight 815 landing and island underwater)

"I want to go home"

The island of Lost is a tangent universe, a universe which must be corrected (Flocke to go home) otherwise it will collapse and take the primary universe with it (The End Of The World). Closing the tangent universe is the duty of the living reciever (Flocke) who wields certain supernatural powers to help him in the task and fulfil his destiny (to move the island underwater and die in the process)

Those who die within the tangent universe (and would not have died otherwise) are the manipulated dead (Charlie, Locke, Boone) All others within within the orbit of the living reciever (Flocke) are the manipulated living (Jack, Kate, Sawyer), Jacob is also given powers in that he is able to subtly understand what is happening and have the ability to contact and influence the living reciever. (Flocke) The manipulated living are subconsciously drawn to push him towards his destiny to close the tangent universe and branch back to the primary universe, the correct universe where the island is protected underwater and cannot be found and oceanic flight 815 lands in Los Angeles.

It is Flockes Destiny to hide and protect the island whilst sacrificing himself in the process. And i think he will achieve this in the closing episodes of Lost

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