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I was watching the film Donnie Darko last night when it struck me that the background is very similar to what is going on in lost in terms of time travel.

Donnie is saved by a man dressed in a rabbit suit (Frank) the night that fuselage from a plane hits his house. He awakens Donnie and makes him sleepwalk to a golf course and tells him that the world will end in a certain number of days and minutes. Donnie would have been killed had he still been in his bed. This signals the start of the alternate timeline, much like oceanic flight 815 crashing on the island.

During the story Donnie finds a journal belonging to an old physics teacher at his school which is filled with detailed information about time travel. (Faraday (i)) Frank (the bunny rabbit man) acts as a kind of guardian to Donnie and tells him to do things (like Jacob) such as flooding his school and setting fire to the house of a man which turns out to have a kiddie porn dungeon below it which is found by fireman, the man is then put in jail.

Donnie ends up killing Frank at a halloween party by shooting him on the night that the world was supposed to end. Afterwards, time is reset, and the story finishes with Donnie being killed by the fuselage that hit his house.

I think that this is very similar to what is going on in lost, the flash sideaways tells the story of what happens if oceanic flight 815 had landed and not crashed, but the plane couldnt crash because the island was underwater, much like donnie being killed by the fuselage because he had shot frank in an alternate timeline so frank being dead when time reset meant that he couldnt awaken donnie to save him.

I think that in the alternate timeline which we are watching just now is the end of lost, it tells us what happens when time is reset and oceanic flight 815 safely lands. I think that when Flocke says he wants to "go home" he means he wants to be put to die along with the island, so that no-one will ever find it, which explains why it is underwater. He killed Jacob because Jacob wanted mankind to find the island and exploit its powers. I think that during this season, Flocke will get his wish and the island will somehow be moved underwater through time, and those who dont make it off the island before this happens will die. However those who die wont be dead because a reset will occur and oceanic flight 815 flying overhead just like in the premiere. Just like when Donnie is merely being guided by Frank who opens up a loophole for him to be killed, Flocke is setting everything up so that he can be killed and left at peace, and the island will be moved underwater and no-one wi! ll ever know about it or find it.

One more thing that struck me was at the end of donnie darko after the reset, his mother is seen waving to the girl who was donnies girlfriend in the alternate timeline, as if they know each other, this is sort of like oceanic 815 alternate, when jack asks desmond if they know each other, and jack and kate glance at each other funny when kate is in the taxi.

Just a thought, comments please

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