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So, here goes with my first post. I have had some issues coming up with my own theories and just read everyone else's. today, I was trying to explain to my wife what is so great about the show and what she saw in the season opener.

My theory is regarding the future timeline of the main characters on the plane, which arrives safely in LA X. First, I believe X stands for the Roman Numeral 10, which everyone else does as well. Does 10 stand for the amount of people who actually died on the island but are still alive in this alt universe? Or does it stand for the 10 characters on this plane who survived the island?

So, with that question, I think we need to look at how some of the characters have changed while others have not.

Changed from original story line:
Rose seems relaxed and happy as opposed to the initial flight.
Jack is nervous and skittish. He only gets one extra bottle of vodka and initially he had 2 on the island when they crashed. Not a big deal but the writers commented on the Kimmel show that this was NOT a coincidence. Jack's hair is not short. Maybe this points to a more stable Jack without the father resentment and rebellion.
Hurley comments that he won the lottery and nothing bad can happen to him because he always has good luck. Of course, his past story is exactly the opposite.
Sawyer when hearing this raises an eyebrow and does not reach out to talk to him and learn more about him. He does not follow him (evidenced as not seen when Hurley is waiting for cab). The former Sawyer would have been all over him and up to some scam.

Un-Changed stories:
Boone's story did not change much at all.
Sayid seems to be the same, kicked in the door to help save Charlie.
Charlie is a crack head and no better off than originally seen.
Kate has not changed. She obviously is a killer and got caught.
Locke lies about his roundabout and has still traveled the same road to end up at this point. He is paralyzed still.
Claire's brief appearance could not help lead me to any guess on her.

MAYBE, the reason for the differences is that the Island though not a purgatory per say was a testing ground. Those that could survive and work together on the island, their lives have changed. Those who died on the Island, their lives were exactly the same.

What do you think?

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