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ALT Losties are Redeemed in Death by B3

I don't think that there is anything too groundbreaking with this theory, and it is in fact a culmination of the discussions we've been having ever since the "Incident", but many are still struggling to see how this ALT fits into what we're seeing (including myself at times). But I think I've got a pretty good idea about the big picture here (until they debunk this theory by converging the timelines or something crazy like that..lol)

First, it appears to me that the Jughead "worked", in the sense of creating a split in the timeline, with a second timeline where maybe the Jughead might not have necessarily sunk the island, but the culmination of the other events happening differently created enough ripples to sink the rock, and of course created many other changes. To clarify, I still think the Jughead went off in the ALT, but the small core offsetting with the energy might not have been devastating at all in itself. It just means no hatch was built, and that's where the ripple effect begins. Okay, I'm sure it will end up being more complicated than this, but at this time there's still not a lot of indication that anything but the Jughead would be sufficient for such a reset. According to Faraday's river analogy (season 5 bluray deleted scenes), we need "boulders" to alter the path of the river, or split as what has happened here.

However, I do still believe the ALT is the epilogue, such as what some others have mentioned, but I disagree that it will be due to anything that will happen in season 6...except it will relate to one thing.. Dying..

As we see with Juliet's "going dutch, coffee" remarks, it appears that this ALT is where one's consciousness goes once they have died in this timeline. In fact, physics theories such as quantum sucide assume a similar idea, that if one were to shoot him/herself, he/she would still be alive, in theory, since there's another universe where he/she didn't. Thus, it is theorized that the consciousness would exist there instead. Perhaps I'm incorrectly describing this idea, but the point is this:

This ALT equates to heaven for the Losties, and provides the producers with a way to give all characters redemption in death, even if they might not have ended up having a noble end on the island. Okay, maybe not heaven, reincarnation if you like. But I think that the circumstances here will prove to be much better off for all of the Losties when it's all said and done (although with eery similarities)... So even though they might not be able to find true happiness in this life, island or not, this paradise awaits them when they resolve things here. (although the resolution of the on-island timeline is a completely different matter that I will visit in part 2).

Also, as has been evidenced in the last episode, Jack isn't the only one who has that has that Desmond-like dejavu here.. Could it be that they all have dejavu, because they're beginning to remember/gain their conciousness that died in the other timeline? This would also explain the cut on Jack's neck. It may have been like that when he died (dies), just as Charlie couldn't breathe when he died. "I was supposed to die"....Like Desmond said, "See ya in another life brotha". Indeed.

So maybe this was the plan all along... Every one of the people on the island might be destined to die, but perhaps in their deaths, they will finally get the redemption for all of the sacrifices that they've made in these last 6 seasons.

By the end we might even find that dead-MIB and Jacob get redemption here (i.e. MIB gets to go home), and won't have the need to bring the Losties into any sort of game anymore... Everyone lives happily ever after, the island's sunk, and all of the on-island characters are dead (all of which ensuring no crappy sequels).. A happy ending indeed.

(Ya, there might be some holes of how they end up in ALT2004, since their lives clearly changed well before that, but maybe this is also a "boulder" point where their lives took such a drastic turn, and thus, their conciousnesses return to the place in which it went off on a drastically different path.)

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