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The ALT is a world where MIB rules by Alybalybee

Never done this before, but read like zillions and loved them all, so im having a go aswell. Dont be too hard on me!

Firstly I think that the alternate universe is showing us what would happen if the MIB rulled the island. He did not want people to come to the island in the first place, because they corrupt. He seems to be more about free choice than Jacob, So if they never came, thats what their lives would be like. Because Jacob never touched any of them. Never pushed them in any direction at all. Sawyer wouldnt have written his letter, so maybe he got over it eventually, and became good? Kate got in trouble for stealing lunchbox, and would still have reacted the same way to her father so still would be in the same position. Not really sure how this affects Lock, because he was pretty much the same before the plane crashes (hating the chair and trying to go on a walkabout) maybe he was always going to be more accepting after that trip, whether the plane crashes or not. The only thing i cannot understand is how the losties lived are different BEFORE the plane takes off(Shannon not there! , Desmond being there, Sun and Jin not married, Hurley being lucky) maybe Dr Chang did something on the island after the incident, and thats affected it all somehow?! Anyway, im wandering now! I really do think if they were left to their own devices (and not being pushed by Jacob) this ALT is what would have happened). The Others seemed to all be about "free will" and "choices". And they were rulled by Jacob. What Jacob does is not really free will if he has been pushing them. Anyone remember the brain washing room which Carl was in? Not very free wilsy, is it?

The life we are seeing on the island is a direct result of Jacobs rule. (and lets face it, its not looking too good, is it) Hes been there a long time and it is his choosing who comes to the island. So he must have planned it all? For why?, I have no reason. Just seems to me if whats going on in the island is down to jacob, then whats going on in the ALT could be down to MIB.


Another thing I believe is that Kates name is on the wall, we just were not shown it. I think Kate is the one who is supposed to take over from Jacob. She has never really redeemed herself for her behaviour, as, most of the others have. And she WAS touched. Was she not the first person he touched?!? Memory might be wrong there! I think her name is away from all the others and has ALL the numbers around it, because she needs them all to help her become the new Jacob. If Kate goes into the ALT, her life would be hell, the others are better or the same as far as we know. So In ALT she would be in hell, in island she would be leader. But Kate isnt really a good person, is she? So if Jacobs plan is for her to rule the island, does the make him bad aswell? Im not so sure MIB is evil, and Jacob is good. Maybe they are both a bit grey. And the stones weighing the same on the scales in the cave, seem to suggest that one is no better than the other.

Thanks for reading. Hope you enjoyed!!!!!!!!

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