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Abandoned Eden after the fall by Christine

Not Locke is the snake that tempted mankind. After the banishment he was to stay
in the Garden forever , kept in check by Jacob ( maybe who is the cherubim), to keep him there forever and limit his influence on the world. He can’t directly “ make “ people do wrong – but to quote Steve turner he is the “ king of Twist” able to influence, to lie, to con people into doing what he wants. His manifestation as the smoke monster can only inhabit those dead on the island briefly, but he can inhabit people bought to the island that are dead already permanently – Locke and Christian.

Jacob in the cabin was never Jacob – he was always “ not Locke” – when he talked to Locke when he visited with Ben – he really was asking for help – he had no body . When Richard received instructions from Jacob – it was from where Jacob really was residing – under the statue. The ash around the cabin was to keep “ not Locke’ in – not the smoke monster out.

The rattle that the smoke monster has is to symbolise the snake – when he says he wants to go home – its to get back to the world and be let loose on people. That why Richard was so terrified when he saw him, he’s been involved in the battle against him since he came to the island on the black rock, and up to that point they had always kept him in check .

Jacob has control over water – water can summon not Locke, not Locke has power over fire, that’s why the temple inhabitants were putting out the fires.

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