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Wouldn't it be ironic. . . by chicagojago

Many people have brought attention to some re-occurring themes in lost (daddy issues, light vs. dark, good/evil) and this made me think of another that I haven't seen anyone post. Irony. There have been some very ironic situations happen in these first 5 seasons. Ben is held prisoner in the hatch, then they become his prisoners. Sayid works for Ben and eventually comes to despise the person that Ben is, when actually Sayid is responsible for making him that way. Jack gave Locke so much crap about his destiny talk for 4 seasons, then Jack joins the destiny side too. In season 3 Jack helps Sawyer by saving Ben and he does it for Kate, then in season 5 Sawyer helps Kate by saving Ben and he does it for Juliet. These are just a few. Then I was thinking about what effect did the h-bomb have and what could make this situation ironic. What if all the losties from '77 prevent the 815 crash but only them (Jack, Kate, Sawy! er, Jin, and Hurley) are returned to 815, leaving Sun and Locke (or as far as they know just Sun) on the island in 2007. Then the 77ers have to go back again to save Sun. To be honest I think this is very unlikely and maybe even a stupid idea but then again most of these theories are pretty out there. Just a fun thought.

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