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Alright no intro let's get to the fun stuff:

1) There was a time when I was convinced the bomb went off... I'm now not so sure HOWEVER we will see an ALT reality in season 6, effectively killing any semblance of WHH. There is not much proof of this to date, simply a gut feeling I have. Consider the following points:

A- The creators/producers of the show have shown an affinity for alternate realities in other shows they've done (see Alias and Fringe).
B- There have been so many references to "change" throughout the entire arc of the series. See the DI brainwash video "everything changes... see also Jin appearing to Hurley in a dream telling him "everything will change... see Desmond begging the Island to send him back so he can "do things differently"
C- There are currently too many people considered "special" on the show who are able to affect the past and change the future... Daniel, Des and Hawking are the prime suspects. To me, that is just too many "special" people affecting the lives of too many other people to say that ALT is not possible.

2) Not sure whether or not Jacob is dead or alive. But I believe the importance of Aaron to the show is that Jacob knew he would be killed and wanted to have Aaron on the Island so his spirit could inhabit Aaron's body. In this regard, I think Claire was killed when Keamy blew up her house. The Claire we now see is in fact Smokey/MIB. After all the ups and downs Claire went through, she came to terms with motherhood and cared deeply for Aaron... so then suddenly she wakes up in the jungle, see Christian and decides to leave Aaron alone to be found by whomever.. I don't buy it. Claire = dead and Smokey is now running the show. Also consider the dream Kate has where Claire tells her in no uncertain terms NOT to bring Aaron back to the Island.... to me this is Smokey trying to ensure that Jacob cannot be ressurected.

3) Everybody who has "found" the Island was in actual fact summoned to the Island by my boy Jacob. EVERYBODY.. that includes the Black Rock peeps, Rousseau's expidition, the Dharma Initiative and the 815ers. In the conversation that MIB and Jacob had at the end of season 5, it is pretty clear that Jacob continues to bring people to the Island in order to "prove MIB wrong".... Jacob is using the people he brings to the Island against MIB and when he is done with them well..... I think they die. This is why the DI had a truce with the Others before being killed off in the purge. Jacob needed something from the DI - or perhaps he needed the DI to do something on the Island - and once they fulfill their purpose he gives the order for the purge. The same can be argued for Rousseau and her team only Ben has a crisis of conscious and decides not to follow through (in Benny's defense he beleived it was Widemore's order and not Jacob)

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