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Detonating the bomb is what always happened. Faraday was both right and wrong. He was right about the fact that Jack and friends needed to detonate the bomb, but he was wrong when he said that they don't belong on the island. There plane should not land in LA because if it did then who would detonate the bomb. Here is what I think happened. Detonating the bomb kept the world from ending. Ms Hawking said "God help us all" if the Oceanic six don't get back. Also for Faraday's whole life she made sure that he was smart enough to go with Mr. Widmore and learn what he learned in anne arbor to tell the Oceanic six what they need to do with the bomb. So they detonate the bomb which destroys the pocket of energy for a little while so the accident won't be catastrophic. Juliet, jack and friends will die in the explosion (as Richard said)and Radzinski will get paralyzed or just injured,along with Chang and other D! harma members who we know survive. I am not at all an expert on H Bombs, but if they detonated the full bomb instead of just the core the island would be destroyed. But they just detonated the core, so maybe that is why people survive. And the fact that the island can heal people. I think my theory is a good one but it is likely not what will happen, because if the plane lands on the island in 2004, that what the hell is season 6 about. Unless if somehow, the oceanic survivors get blasted into the future in 2007 where The Loophole man is there to greet them. This is my first theory and I have a few more regarding Jacob and The Loophole Man.

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