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Walt's Destiny by StevenC

I have a really interesting theory for Walt's role on season 6. Now I'm not sure if anyone has posted this theory already and if so I'm sorry. I was thinking about how Walt would be able to get back to the island. As Lost fans, he has to go back. I was thinking Widmore would convince Desmond and Walt to come back with him to the island. Because as we all know Widmore seems to have a great knowledge of those who left. I'm not sure how he would convince Desmond. But for Walt, he would probably tell him that his father has died on the island and that Walt would avenge his father by going back. NOW maybe Widmore knows how special Walt is and that is why it is utterly important for him to return. Once they do return, Widmore will take him to The Temple or some Other spot we haven't seen yet. Once he does Walt would use his special powers to revive everyone who died on the island in order to fight for the WAR that Widm! ore has stated in "The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham". That will be epic I must say.

Side note: It will be really epic if they cue the last few minutes from the music track of Season 4's "Bobbing for Freighters". EPIC song right there.

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