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Virtual Reality? by Sayid, Cut Your Fingernails

Could the premise of Lost be something as simple and disappointing as, we will see all of our Losties hooked up to a virtual reality machine?

What if it's just simply a game they are networked in to...kind of like an avatar where their neurological system is wired to it so they feel and experience it like it was really happening? Perhaps there is an immense prize for the person or persons who live to the end and/or complete the unknown game objective.

I know it's probably a long shot but let's just consider it for a moment.

The Losties are the gamers. The Others are just in the system...they don't really exist (with the exception of Juliet). Side note: maybe Juliet was hooked onto the machine without her knowledge. When she drank the drugged OJ she thinks she's actually waking up on a sub on an island but in "reality" she's hooked to the virtual reality machine. She's playing the game and doesn't know it.

Again, I know this is a reaching, far out theory but I still thought it might be fun to consider it and see if I could find anything from the show to back it up as I begin my rewatch of the series.

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