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Ok so i've seen a lot of thoeries out there saying that Christian is the MIB, but i also see a lot of people referencing that Locke is the MIB. I agree that the MIB is taking over someone's body, most likely Locke, but I dont see how he can take over 2 bodies at the same time? So that leaves us with 3 main mythological characters for LOST, MIB Christian, MIB Locke, and Jacob.

Here's my thoughts:

1. Locke really is the MIB
2. Jacob can also take forms
3. The remaining question becomes...WHO IS CHRISTIAN!?

What we know:
We know that MIB Locke and Christian were on the island at the same time. Christian was with Sun and LApidus in Dharmaville, and MIB Locke was with the rest of Ajira survivors. How can the MIB be in both places at the same time?

So who is Christian? This is one question i cannot figure out, but have been waiting so long to find out! Christian claims to be speaking on Jacob's behalf. Is that true or is a lie from the MIB?

Has anyone else thought of this?
I'd be interested to see how this gets explained.

Thanks for reading.

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